Best Sites for Affordable Luxury Hotels

“Affordable Luxury” seems like an oxymoron, right? Not when it comes to travel! You can find amazing hotels without breaking the bank! As a lover of hotels 4* and up, I’m often on the hunt for beautiful spaces in beautiful places for less. Here are my tips and tricks for finding amazing deals on luxury accommodations.

Hotwire has quickly become one of my go-to sites for finding great hotels. They advertise “4-star hotels for 2-star prices.” I have found amazing hotels in Vegas, Puerto Rico, and DC just to name a few. What’s the catch? You don’t know exactly which hotel you will be getting. You’re able to select the hotel class, general location, and see certain amenities. Other than that, it is blind booking on the hotel. I’ve gotten pretty good at finagling back and forth between the Hot Rate Hotels and the Regular Hotels, and most times I’m able to figure out what hotel I will get before booking. Sites like Bid Goggles and Room Revealer claim to assist you with finding out which hotel you are bidding on, but I haven’t found them to be very useful unless it’s a super popular city/area. It’s worth a peek though!

Hotels Tonight

Hotels Tonight is a website that sells unused hotel rooms at a deeply discounted rate. You can often find 5-star hotel rooms marked down substantially. The only con to this is that you have to wait until your travel date is near. Depending on your city, you may have to wait until the week before to access the available hotels. This is a great option for those who don’t mind booking last minute, as well as those who want to enjoy a spontaneous staycation or vacation.

Expedia Package Deals

In a prior post, I shared how to find Flight Deals. I regularly get the question, “should I book my flight and hotel separately, or do a package deal?” It depends. If the price is the same, book separately. Hotels generally have a different and more lenient refund/cancellation policy than flights. If you book the package, you’re usually locked into the total non-refundable deal. However, if price is not the same, and the package is less, definitely consider the package. Expedia regularly has flight and hotel package deals that are less than just booking the hotel by itself. If you know you need a flight anyway, it’s a good idea to check into packages.


Now I know I said “hotels,” but hear me out. Airbnb has rooms that are comparable to hotel rooms (and even better sometimes). You expand your options when you begin looking into vacation rentals. Airbnbs are a great option for travelers that want a little extra space, or groups. Who wants to pile up in a one-room hotel room when you can stretch out in a huge lavish Airbnb? Not I. Beware though, all Airbnbs are not created equal. Check out my blog on the Cities with the Best Airbnbs, as well as Airbnb Tips for Solo Travelers. 


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