10 Unique Bucket List Items for 2018

  1. Visit Cirque du Soleil Theme Park in Nuevo Vallarta
  2. Check out Delirious Art Exhibit in NYC
  3. Go on Colombian Coffee Farm Tour in Medellin
  4. Take a flight on a “private” plane
  5. Relax at Enchantment Resort in Sedona
  6. Ziplining in Puerto Rico
  7. Visit the Hanging Gardens in Bali
  8. Take a helicopter ride over Hawaii
  9. Attend the Albuquerque Balloon Festival
  10. Drink a Mocktail at Three Dots and a Dash, Chicago

This is my first year making an official “bucket list.” I typically just wing it, but there are so many things that I want to do, so I thought I’d start planning now.

  1. Cirque du Soleil Theme Park, Nuevo Vallarta
Photo: Grupo Vidanta

Slated to open sometime in 2018, I KNOW this park is going to be epic. I can’t even imagine how one can combine Cirque du Soleil with an adult-targeted theme park… But I know I must go.

2.  Delirious: Art at the Limits of Reason, New York, New York

Photo: Met Museum New York

“The years between 1950 and 1980 were beset by upheaval. Around the globe, military conflict proliferated and social and political unrest flared. Disenchantment with an oppressive rationalism mounted, as did a corollary interest in fantastic, hallucinatory experiences. Artists responded to these developments by incorporating absurdity, disorder, nonsense, disorientation, and repetition into their work”

Yeah… let’s just say I want to see it because it looks super cool! This may be my beginning of the year trip, as the exhibit comes to an end in January of 2018.

3. Coffee Farm Tour – Medellin, Colombia

Photo: Toucan Cafe

Something about tasting Columbian Coffee straight from Columbia excites me. I have a feeling I won’t be able to sleep for days! #Caffeinerush

4. Take a flight on JetSuiteX

Photo: Jetsuitex

According to their website…

Once onboard, you can enjoy:

  • Comfortable leather seats
  • Business class legroom
  • Power outlets at every seat
  • Full flight attendant service
  • Complimentary gourmet snacks, beer, wine and spirits
  • No overhead storage bins for a more spacious cabin

Apparently there is no waiting at the gate, and you just board like a star! Currently, they are only running flights on the West Coast, but since they fly out of my beloved Las Vegas, I can swing by Cali while I’m there.

5. Enchantment Resort, Sedona, AZ

Photo: Enchantment Resort

Need I say more?

6. Ziplining in Puerto Rico

Photo: Touroverde Puerto Rico

Ziplining is one of those things I’ve been planning to do, but I’m TERRIFIED! This will be my year for “doing it afraid,” so I’m going to go for it!

7. Hanging Gardens of Bali

Photo: Hanging Gardens of Bali

The World’s 1st 7-Star Hotel. 7 star? I think that speaks for itself… Just in case the picture left room for misunderstanding.

8. Take a Helicopter Tour Over Hawaii

Photo: Blue Hawaiian Helicopters

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters offers passengers the options of flying over the Hawaiian Island of their choice. Which one would you recommend?

9. Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

Photo: Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

I just love a balloon festival. We attended one in Erie, Colorado last year, and it was so much fun.

10. Enjoy a Mocktail at Three Dots and a Dash, Chicago

Photo: Three Dots and a Dash

A well crafted and designed mocktail makes my spirit happy. Three Dots and a Dash is known for it’s creative drinks. Maybe some of my Chicagoans will meet up with me there!

So… What’s on your bucket list for 2018? Share below!



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