Luxury Hotel Upgrade – Golden Nugget

Have you ever experienced the Penthouse Suite of a luxury hotel? As a regular traveler, hotels are always offering me upgrades at check in, and lately I’ve been taking them up on their offers. I love to experience the difference in the accommodations. It’s been totally worth it every time, but my last upgrade at the Golden Nugget, Las Vegas blew my mind!

I was comped a standard room (I just might have lost a bit of money last time I was there). The standard room at the Golden Nugget is nice, but standard. Upon check-in, I was offered an upgrade to the Spa Suite. Initially, I passed, but after checking into the standard room, I reconsidered. Pure curiosity got the best of me. “Unfortunately,” the Spa Suite was no longer available, and the only thing they had left was the Penthouse (oh, the horror!). I grabbed my things and headed back to the lobby for my new room assignment.

I knew that I was in for a treat when the front desk agent said, “Hold on, I need to go get the book. These rooms don’t have room numbers.” We got the room squared away, and as I got off the elevator on the 18th floor, I was floored (no pun intended). I have been in some VERY nice luxury hotels, but this was different – even the entrance to the suite was grand!

I opened the doors, and the site before me was magnificent. The room was well worth the cost of the upgrade! I spent a couple of days enjoying the beautiful views and vintage feel of the suite. It was equipped with two bathrooms, a bar, a living area, a dining area, and a bedroom.


I was able to use the space to entertain guests of my She Flies Solo – Las Vegas Chapter. Everyone was just as wowed as I was.

Upgrade Your Hotel Stay

Upgrading your hotel room is an easy (and often affordable) way to enhance your vacation experience. If an upgrade is not offered to you, feel free to ask. Keep in mind that there is always the option for a paid upgrade before arrival. As a solo traveler, I LOVE the flexibility of waiting until arrival to upgrade. Not only are you able to negotiate in person, you get options that aren’t generally offered online.

Have you ever gotten a fabulous luxury hotel upgrade? Where was it? Share below!



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