When you see a woman living her best life, understand that you can be living yours too!

She Flies Solo is all about stepping outside of the invisible box we keep ourselves in and dancing to the beat of your own drum. Want to start a business? Start it. Hate your job? Go get another one? Want to live an unconventional life style? Who even determines the norms anyway? Oh that’s right YOU DO. Here, we focus on Business + Relationships + Travel

Why She Flies Solo

Hey, I’m Karissa! Most people call me Kay. I’m a Texas-native with a lifelong love for travel. I am an International Luxury Retreat Host & Consultant, Speaker, Mother, and Business Woman. 
Blah, blah, blah right? Sounds amazing on paper, but what does that even mean and who actually cares? 

Let me tell you how it all got started, and remind you that you are only one horrible experience away from the life of your dreams!

She Flies Solo started out as a solo travel blog called Traveling Kay LJ, I started the blog after being stood up on my 30th birthday trip to Vegas. I was in a on-again-off-again relationship with a serial cheater who decided two hours before our trip that he was unavailable to go. 

Unexpectedly and totally out of character for me, I went on the trip anyway. I had the time of my life. I fell in love with solo travel on that trip, and the journey turned into a blog, which turned into events, which turned into in International Luxury Travel Brand. 

But honestly, I really just love cutting up on the gram, talking about dating, planning beautiful vacations, and helping aspiring business women find their niche!

Plan Your Own Group Trips

Through She Flies Solo, LLC, and the Nurses Travel Network, she has curated multiple sold out retreats, including trips to Bali, Dubai, Phuket and other global destinations. 

Group trips are an amazing way to enhance your travel life and generate income. Want to learn to plan your own trips? Our Retreat Planning 101 Courses will help you!

Nurses Travel Network

She Flies Solo, LLC Founder, Karissa Littlejohn has a proven track record of curating luxury retreats around the world. She is the creator of the Nurses Travel Network. 

Nurses Travel Network is the ultimate Luxury Travel Community for high-achieving nurses who love to travel. NTN curates boutique retreats for nurses, offering attendees the opportunity to connect with their peers around the globe. 

Nurses Travel Network is the ultimate Luxury Travel Community for high-achieving nurses who love to travel. We host boutique retreats for nurses, offering our attendees the

The Best Experience Ever

"This was the greatest life changing experience I've ever had. It was a celebration of beautiful women and freedom and the natural beauty that God made!"
Past Retreat Attendee
"We had an amazing group of women. This was THE BEST trip I have ever taken!"
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Past Retreat Attendee
"Bali... I don't even know if there are enough words. This trip was EVERYTHING and more, and it could not have come at a better time. My heart and soul needed this so much... life throws some major curve balls, and I needed a reset. This was exactly what I got."
Past Retreat Attendee

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