Your Much Needed Getaway is here! She Flies Solo Society hosts weekend getaways and exclusive retreats for women who need a break from reality. Each trip is carefully curated with the busy business woman in mind, offering women a relaxing atmosphere to escape from everyday life.

For a limited time, membership  is only $9.99 per month. Membership is limited, and members have access to:

  • A private community of boss women, who enjoy travel
  • Discounts on Getaways and Retreats
  • Priority access to Getaways and Retreats
  • Virtual travel workshops and tips to help plan luxurious getaways

Enjoy Some You-Time

You work, cook, clean, take care of your family, and the list goes on. When is the last time you treated yourself?  All of our luxury getaways are perfect for the woman who is TIRED and just needs some time to relax.

The Perfect Surrounding

Each retreat  is carefully curated at some  of the most luxurious facilities in the country. You'll feel like you stepped right into paradise from the moment you arrive. 

Fine Food Cuisine

Put away the pots, pans and aprons. It's all about YOU! Room services, private chefs, and the finest cuisines is what you can expect on each retreat. 

The Best Experience Ever

"You do enough for everyone else. It's time to treat yourself!"
Karissa Littlejohn
Travel Expert

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