"She Is" Summit - Houston Edition

for lady bosses ready to level up in life!

april 22, 2018

1pm – 3pm

Your Words Shape Your Life

Many times the only thing stopping us from our next level move is the words we speak (or don’t speak) over ourselves. Our words have so much power over our lives, so it’s important that we take control of them.

At the She Is Summit, we are breaking down the barriers that we’ve imposed on ourselves. We will talk about the power of re-framing our words to change our lives. 

Connection is Everything

Our panelists are REAL WOMEN who just decided to go for it.  Women just like you and I. They will  be sharing their successes, their failures,  and how they found the courage and motivation  to pursue their calling.

  • Start that business
  • Change jobs
  • Move to a new city
  • Start a non-profit

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