She Flies solo: trip planning class

Traveling on your own can be a scary idea, but it can be a fantastic experience with the right attitude and planning!

Take the solo trip planning virtual course for only $35

Get ready to plan EPIC solo trips. This ain’t your average solo trip. You will not be backpacking through the wilderness (unless that’s your thing).

YOU can visit beautiful destinations, experience the finest resorts and islands, AND have a great time SOLO.

I stumbled upon solo travel when I was stood up for a trip to Las Vegas in 2013. Since then, I’ve been around the world solo!

Class in Monday aug 27; 7pm cst

leave this class ready to take your first solo trip!

  • Destination Selection

Not sure where to go first? We’ll narrow it down in class.

  • Find flights

Receive tips and tricks for finding the best flights.

  • Find Hotels

Explore all of your accommodation options.

  • How to get around

Find the best ways to get around in the place you are going.

  • attractions

Create your itinerary.

  • restaurants

Find the best places to eat.

each participant will receive a free DIGITAL copy of she flies solo : the single woman's guide to planning her first solo trip.

If you have ever considered traveling alone, this is the class for you!