Karissa Littlejohn

She Flies Solo is a Solo Travel Network  for professional women who dance to the beat of their own drum. Women who are tired of trying to fit into a box, and want to live their best lives regardless of how it looks to anyone else. 

  1. Travel the World Alone
  2. Start a Business
  3. Enjoy the Single Life

I do, I have and I am!

Through the blog, workshops, and luxury travel events, Karissa is revolutionizing solo travel for the savvy woman on the go!

Stop waiting on everyone to get on board with what you want to do. Live YOUR best life today!

She Flies Solo events bring together like-minded women who share in their love of travel. She believes that true travel transcends societal boundaries and brings together people of all races, ages and  backgrounds.

Ready to take your first (or next) SOLO Trip? This e-book guides you through the process of plannning your trip! Find activities, select the perfect destination, and more!

On the blog, you will find a blend of inspiration and travel, as Karissa Littlejohn shares her life journeys, revelations, and experiences.

Beautiful Places

Inspiring Stories

Travel Tips & Advice

Whether you are an experienced traveler, or looking to take your first trip, you will find a little something here for you. I look forward to traveling with you on this journey!

“Life is best experienced through travel.”

Karissa Littlejohn