Best Travel Moments of 2017

As the year comes to an end, I wanted to reflect back onto some of my favorite travel moments for 2017. This year was my year for a lot of domestic travel. I’ve met some of the most AMAZING women. 2017 was a year of stretching. My word for the year was “expand,” and that’s exactly what I did!  Here are my top 10 moments:

  1. My Solo Trip to Puerto Rico

It makes me so sad to see the devastation that hit such a beautiful place. I had the most amazing time on my trip there in February. This was the first trip that I’ve done solo where I didn’t meet up with anyone, didn’t hang out with anyone, and truly embraced the solitude. OMG, was it amazing? I encourage everyone to take at least one trip where you can truly be alone in 2018.

Lesson from this trip: Do things while you can. Who would have imagined PR would be pretty much inoperable for months?


2. The Women’s Travel Fest in New Orleans, LA

I went to this one on a whim. I stumbled across it, copped a ticket, and it was one of the best “conferences” I attended this year. I love being around women who are just going for it. I met women who’d been far more places than I could ever imagine. Some of these women packed up everything and left to pursue their passion for seeing the world. It was so inspiring. I hate that I’ll miss the 2018 Festival in New York. However,  I met an incredible friend named Chelsea Glass, and I’ll be attending her retreat in Guatemala!

Lesson from this trip: Surround yourself with people who get you. People that don’t understand “wanderlust” have a hard time understanding my lifestyle. Being around women who “get it” was a feeling like no other.


3. Solo Travel Summit in Houston

I hosted my very first travel summit. I was nervous, I was scared, and I wasn’t sure who would show up. It sold OUT, and was better than I could have imagined. Be sure to join the She Flies Solo Society to be the first to hear about next year’s summit.  I’m debating between New Orleans and Miami! Where would you rather go?

Lesson from this experience: Put yourself out there!


4.  Sold Out Bali Trip

In addition to hosting my first summit, I coordinated my first retreat.  It sold out in less than 5 days!!! I couldn’t believe it. I’m really looking forward to connecting with my travelistas in Bali this coming May!

Lesson from this experience: Similar to #3…  GO FOR IT! If there is something you want to do, do it. You never know what greatness could come of it.


5. Evacuation to the Dallas/Fort Worth Area

Houston was thrown a devastating blow with Hurricane Harvey. Joyce and I made the decision to evacuate before the storm hit. We had a great time exploring the DFW area, finding this fun park  in  Arlington to spend a couple of hours.

Lesson from this trip: Trust your gut. People told me I was crazy for evacuating. Those same people either lost EVERYTHING or were stuck in their home for days.


6. Being a guest on Amazing 102.1 FM talking travel

Someone recommended me to be a guest on a radio show as a “Travel Expert.” I’ve never considered myself a travel expert, but hey… LOL. Honestly, I bombed the show. I had no idea that they were looking for budget-friendly destinations, and I offered destination selections that were far from easy on the budget.

Lesson from this experience: Who the heck cares? LOL. I beat myself up for a few days for making myself look like a fool. But guess what? Nobody even remembers I was on there! Keep going.


7. Business Building Beach Retreat

I ran across this retreat in Galveston about a week before it was scheduled to take place. The retreat, hosted by Grow My Brand looked like something fun and interesting. Unfortunately,  it was not within my budget to attend. I kindly let Angel know that I wouldn’t be able to squeeze it out. The day before the retreat, I got a call from Angel saying that I would be able to attend since I’d signed up for another class of hers! #wontHedoit? I had a great time with some boss chics, and learned so much that I’ve taken with me on my entrepreneurial journey.

Lesson from this trip:   What’s for you will be yours.


8. Inspiration, Influence and Income Conference in Atlanta

This is another one that I almost didn’t attend. Guys, the enemy will fight you as hard as he can when you are on your way to success. I won’t bore you with the story of why I wasn’t going to go, but I attended this life-changing conference, got to catch up with my She Flies Solo Friend Kayla, and also got to see that ATL is a great place that I can’t wait to get back to!

Lesson from this trip: Just because it’s not working out doesn’t mean it’s not for you.


9. BlogHer Conference in Orlando

I got to meet  Carla Hall!!! Need I say more?


10. Solo Trip to NJ/NYC

I met a lady named Victoria in Houston. You know how you meet a person and there’s just something about them? This is Victoria. We didn’t even have a lengthy conversation, but I started following her on Instagram. I saw that she was launching the Female Collaborative, and I knew I had to be there. The FC Conference was great, and I had some time to explore NYC on my own. I was scared ya’ll. I was so scared. I didn’t know my way around. I’m not familiar with the public transit system. I got lost on my way to Hoboken, and my warm Texas bones could not stand the cold. But as I navigated my way through Manhattan… stopping at the Met Museum, grabbing some sushi, strolling through Times Square, and finishing off with dinner with a friend I’d met at BlogHer, I realized this is what life is all about.

  • Taking chances
  • Figuring things out as you go.
  • Meeting new people
  • Exploring new places
  • Pushing forward in spite of fear

As I go into 2018, I look at my humongous to-do list. I’ve set the bar so incredibly high in both travel and business… but I’m ready. Are you?

What are some of your favorite travel memories from this year?

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