How I find the PERFECT Event Venue Every Time

Selecting the right venue is key to hosting an unforgettable event. The trick is to find the perfect balance of quality and cost. Here are some suggestions to make venue selections a bit easier.

  • Select local restaurants and businesses. Local, family-owned establishments have more flexibility than national brands and franchises. They will be much more willing to work with you on food and beverage minimums. I found this great space for only $80 to book the room.

  • Utilize Co-working Space. Co-working space is on the rise! For those who don’t know, co-working space is shared space for entrepreneurs. Most co-working facilities have event space for rent. Since co-working is fairly new, the spaces are generally very nice and modern. Growthli is one of my favorites in Houston.

  • Consider hosting events during slow times. Venues are more willing to be flexible on slow days, times and seasons. I found this great space deeply discounted on a Sunday morning.

  • Choose new establishments. Newer establishments are always trying to get people in the door. What better way than an event? New establishments will often let you utilize space for free just to get the word out.

  • Hotel Suites. Most luxury hotels have suites. For more boutique meetings, these spaces make wonderful venues for events. The great things about these spaces are that you can have the room for the whole day, you can bring in your own food and beverage, and they are usually tastefully decorated already.
Penthouse Living Room

Lastly, remember to negotiate. Most things are not set in stone. Whether it’s a lower price or added perks (audio, av, etc), venues are often able to sweeten the deal in order to get you in.

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