Packing for Business Travelers

If you are a regular business traveler, packing can become a bit of an art. Trying to decide what to bring and what not to bring can mean the difference between  a checked bag, and a checked bag with a carry on. Regardless of whether you’re checking, carrying on or both,  these are some items that every traveler should bring with them on a trip.

A portable phone charger: It seems that no matter how long I charge my phone at the hotel, it is dead by 10am. A portable phone charger is critical to ensure that you don’t miss any important calls, texts or emails. It’s also helpful if you plan to use your phone as a GPS (and who doesn’t use their phone as a GPS these days?)

Extra toiletries bag: Forgot toothpaste? Deodorant? Contact Solution? Brush? Why not just have a separate bag that is just for travel? Save yourself the time of remembering to pack everything. Keep a bag that is only for travel, and just grab and go when you get ready to leave.

A Quality Neck Pillow: Flights are uncomfortable, as are airports. Having a QUALITY neck pillow while traveling can save you the pain of achy neck and shoulders. It’s worth investing in a nice one that can last you a while.

Earplugs: You never know when you’ll have a noisy neighbor, or when the hotel will be performing construction at 7am, or when your room will be by the elevator. Ensure that you are able to get the rest that you need by keeping a pair of earplugs on hand. Throw them in your toiletry bag so they’re available when  you need them.

Extension Cord:  I’m so glad to see that many of the new hotels are adding outlets near the bed. If you happen to get stuck in an old-school hotel that has one outlet across the room, an extension cord comes in very handy. Run the cord near the bed, so you can charge your devices nearby.

Essential Oils: I was recently turned onto these things, and they are the TRUTH. I tend to get an upset stomach when I travel. DigestZen works almost instantly to make me feel better. Peppermint for a quick pick me up. Lavender to relax. Essential Oils make travel easy on the body.

What are essential items for you when you travel on business? Comment below. For my traveling shepreneurs, be sure to check out our upcoming events!

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