Be You… Consistently, Relentlessly, Unapologetically

I posted this blog last week, but took it down. I thought that it really didn’t have anything to do with my “niche,” and I should stick to travel-related posts. I just finished up day 2 of the BlogHer Conference, and my resounding take away was once again, “be you…. say what’s on your mind. Share your story with the world. The world is ready to receive you, just as you are.”

I got to meet Carla Hall today. Something I always loved about her was her quirkiness. She was exactly how I expected her to be: happy-go-lucky, sweet, funny. True to who she portrayed herself to be… So I decided to repost….



June 18, 2017:

Can I be transparent for a moment? I’m stressed, overwhelmed and tired. Running two businesses, and really trying to find my fit is exhausting. I’m preparing to head to the BlogHer Conference this week, and looking at the other bloggers that are going is super intimidating. Bloggers with hundred of thousands of followers, beautifully crafted pictures… people that have found their niche, while I often feel I’m struggling to find mine.

I attended an event yesterday with my WHYS Girls (or girl I should say, as only one showed up). At first I was bummed that only one person came, but as I sat at the event, God revealed so many things to me. I understood exactly why I was there, and why there was only one person there. I was not in my lane. How often do we steer out of our lane because it looks like people are winning in the other lane? Or how often do we play a game that’s not our favorite, simply because we know the rules of that game. The rules are written and clear, so we play… and we lose. We don’t play our own game, because nothing is defined in our game. Everything is up to interpretations. The rules are unwritten, the way to win unknown. But I figured it out. I need to play my game. Great end of story.

Later on God revealed something else to me…If you’re not winning, it’s because the game isn’t over yet. I wonder how often we’ve given up before our game is over. Some of us give up before we even get in the game. Practice is too hard… or too long. Competition is stiff. Our teammates are so much better than us. So we quit, when we could have won.

I’m reminded of one of my son’s basketball games. There was a little boy on the team. This boy was way shorter than the other boys on the team. He wasn’t a particularly outstanding player, but he had one special talent. During one  particular game, he rode the bench for the majority of the game.  The game was intense. The team was down to the last seconds of the game, and the coach signaled for him to come off the bench. I saw the coach pat him on the back and say something to him. 2 seconds left on the clock, and we are down by two. Whistle blows, his teammate passes him the ball, he shoots the three-pointer. Game over. We win.

Have you ever considered that God hasn’t put you in the game yet?

Maybe all the work you’ve been putting in up til now is just practice. Maybe you thought the game was wrapping up with you being overlooked, undervalued and unappreciated –  but you were really just being set up for the win. Are we fighting and working and trying to put ourselves in the game, when it’s not our time yet? Maybe it’s our time to watch, to observe, to relax. I asked my son what the coach said to the boy before he put him in. The coach said, “Game’s on you.”

In the unknown seasons, while we wait to get in the game, as yourself this: “Can God count on me when He puts me in?” Can God count on you to do you? To do what you’re good at? To be yourself consistently, relentlessly and unapologetically… even when it looks like being you is not the way to win?

Are you in a season where you feel like you’re not winning? Have you had one of those seasons, and gotten past it? I’d love to connect with you on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

3 thoughts on “Be You… Consistently, Relentlessly, Unapologetically

  1. Love this and it’s oh so very true! I’m glad you were obedient to the Spirit and decided to put this one back up…you never know who it may inspire! Keep the faith and know God is ordering your steps…it takes a courageous soul to step out & do all that you are doing at once, but know you are doing the right thing! Peace and blessings my dear!

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