2017 Travel Myths – Debunked

We are half way through 2017. Can you believe it?! 90% of the people that I’ve worked with at Vision Board Parties this year mentioned that they wanted to travel (or travel more) I’m always surprised at how many people want to travel, but don’t. There is this false assumption that travel is expensive or only for an elite group of people. I wanted to debunk five of the travel myths that I run across:

Travel Myth #1:

You have to travel abroad to enjoy yourself. A lot of the people that I talk to want to travel internationally. They’ve heard about Dubai, Paris, Jamaica, and other international destinations. And while I’m sure those places are marvelous (wouldn’t know, haven’t been), most of these people do not currently hold a passport and do not have the financial means to travel to these places and truly enjoy themselves without penny pinching. I teach others how to travel on a budget, but I also let them know all of their options. There are domestic destinations where you can have just as much fun, if not more, without the need for a passport, executive budget and two weeks of vacation time. In my Travel Vision Board Workshops, I help people strategize and take a realistic look at their budget, vacation time, and alternative options. Don’t let the desire to travel abroad keep you from the vacation of your dreams!

Travel Myth #2:

You have to have someone to travel with. I talk about traveling alone all the time. I made a previous post about solo travel, but I want to reinforce the fact that you really can have a good time by yourself if you choose to. Don’t let fear of going alone keep you at home year after year.

Travel Myth #3

If you have kids you can not travel. I have a 15 year old, and as the new “parent” of a 2 year old, I’ve been having to think outside the box. Did you know that Disney World is FREE for kids under three? Did you know that Sea World San Antonio (and I’m sure others) have a free summer pass for kids under 5?  Did you know that cruise ships have day care and child activities planned for the kiddos? Many all-inclusive resorts have family-friendly activities. There are so many places to travel with children that are also super fun for adults. Please do not frustrate yourself or others by trying to make a destination kid-friendly. Know your options.

Travel Myth #4

Roadtrips are not travel. Travel is whatever you make it. If you just have the time or resources to go one town over, GO. Get out. Explore your own backyard. I made a few days out of exploring Houston. There was so much here that I didn’t even know existed, and I’m sure the same is true for you. Don’t let anyone else’s definition of “travel” cause you to feel that the way you want to travel is not “enough.”

Travel Myth #5

You have to be rich to travel. I am NOT rich. At all. However, I have been to TONS of places over the past few years on my minimal salary. I made a blog about traveling on a budget, and I host Budget Travel Workshops where I help people do the same. There are so many tips and tricks to getting where you want to go, regardless of budget. Speaking of Paris, a friend just copped a ticket to Paris for under $400!!! Some people pay that to go to Florida! Travel smart!

Do you believe any of these myths? What is keeping you from going where you want to go in 2017?

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One thought on “2017 Travel Myths – Debunked

  1. For me, its mostly money that prevents me from traveling as much as i want but i try to do the best i can do even with my kids…We travel around Texas and neighboring states if we can’t go far, we also do staycations !

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