Bloom in Your Own Season

It’s a new season. Spring is here! Blooming flowers, sunshine, beautiful weather. But as the seasons change, are we changing? Are we blooming, are we shining, are we beautiful? And what does this really mean? Better yet, what does it mean to YOU?

My niece grabbed a nail file this morning, and grated it across the tops of her feet. She often “puts on” deodorant, brushing the closed bottle onto her clothed underarms. One day, the babysitter told me she’d taken mashed potatoes and smeared them across her face. We were both confused trying to figure out “WHY WOULD SHE DO THAT?” A couple of days later, as I was putting on my face mask, I saw her standing there watching intently. She was mimicking me. She was doing what I was doing simply because she felt like that was what she was supposed to do. She didn’t understand my reason or purpose for it.

Oh what a life lesson!

It’s very easy to look at the lives of others and mimic. We look at others to determine what our lives should look like. What are they wearing? What are they driving? Where do they live? What places do they go to? We look and we copy, then we determine our next course of action based on what they are doing in their season. So as their seasons change, we change.. but what happens when their seasons don’t change?

Too often we find ourselves stuck in a season. We attribute our lack of movement to life. That’s just how things are. We are “waiting on God.” But have we truly evaluated why we are stuck? Are we stuck because we don’t know where to go, or are we stuck because the next step doesn’t look or feel like what we are supposed to do? Maybe our next step doesn’t look like the steps our friends are taking. Maybe our groundhog calls for more winter when their groundhog says spring is here…. or vice versa.

Texas weather is the epitome of defining seasons as it sees fit. It does what it wants. Rain in the middle of summer. 90 degrees in winter. Spring, Winter, Summer and Fall all in the same day. It doesn’t allow predetermined “seasons” to dictate its course… and neither should you.

I mentioned attending the Women’s Travel Festival in my last blog. I was surrounded by women WHO TRAVEL. And I mean travel. There was a woman there in her 20s who has been to every single country in the world. Momentarily I was awed. I began to shrink back and feel like my travel life paled in comparison to hers.. and most other women there. Then I realized one important thing..

This is not a competition.

Not only is in not a competition, but if I took the path she took, I would be mimicking behaviors that didn’t suit me. Quite frankly, I have zero desire to stay in hostels. I don’t want to share homes with others. I don’t want to survive on the bare minimum. And that is OK. In that same breath, Scott Eddy was there. A man who is also far more traveled than I am, but travels luxuriously – staying at the most expensive places, dining at the highest of high end restaurants. Living the dream… living his dream. His dream that he can afford. His dream that *I* can’t afford.

None of us can afford to live someone else’s life. None of us can afford to live someone else’s dreams.

In this new season, I encourage you to re-evaluate your motivations. Whose life are you living?


Let’s talk about the season we are in and the seasons to come!

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