4 Simple Words That Transformed My Life

What started off as four simple words on the back of a piece of paper quickly morphed into a life lesson.


“Back to School Bash.” I wrote down these words as I sat at a social work conference in DC.  I wanted to have a Back to School Bash for my WHYS Girls. Great idea, right? Sure, but I wanted to have it free of charge to the girls. I shared my idea with my friend and colleague. I also shared with her my concerns that I had absolutely NO money to pay for it.

“Get sponsors.” She suggested simply. “Find out the cost per girl, and ask people to sponsor a girl.” Another great idea, right?” But I hate asking people for money,” was my reply.

“It’s not for you,” she said.

THESE four words hit me like a stack of bricks. I was instantly convicted when I realized I had made things about me. My ego, my pride was preventing me from petitioning on behalf of someone else. 1 Timothy 2:1 instructs us to intercede and petition for others. And here I am unwilling to ask for assistance, because of the way it will make “ME” feel.

I’d like to say that I instantly decided to ask for sponsors, but I didn’t. I prayed about it, then waited, and waited. About a week passed, and I was sitting in the airport. I received an email response from Top Golf regarding the price of an event. OMG. This is just way too much. So I took to Facebook with my request. Again, I would love to say that I boldly asked for the price that was quoted me, but I shot small. I simply asked for $18.50. The cost of 2 hours of golf and membership fee. I figured the girls could bring their own money for food, or I would figure something out later. Instantly, people responded ready to donate. By the time I’d taken off and reached my destination, I had secured the funds I’d requested…. But it didn’t stop there. People were still making offers. I shared that we had received the $18.50 per girl, but we still needed food. That wish was  quickly fulfilled. Overwhelmed, amazed, and humbled were just a few of the feelings I experienced.

As I sat back praising God and reflecting, a few things resonated with me:

  • Write the Vision. Make in plain. (Habukkuk 2:2). In my prior blog, I spoke about the creation and significance of a vision board. As I was throwing out papers from the conference, I stumbled across the scratch sheet off paper I had scribbled those four simple words: Back to School Bash. If we have the courage to write it, speak it, and believe for it, God will grant it, according to His Will.
  • Stop aiming small. Again, I asked for the bare minimum. While I may be a “bare minimum” person, I don’t serve a bare  minimum God. He is the God of excess and abundance (Ephesians 3:20).
  • You have to let people know what you are doing. I spoke about this one as well, but somewhere along the line, I’d run across doubt and uncertainty in what God was asking me to do. I’d allowed the enemy to silence my voice and convince me that perhaps this wasn‘t what God was asking me to do. Which leads me into my final revelation.
  • IT’S NOT ABOUT ME. It’s very easy to become so consumed in what we are doing that we forget that we are working for the Lord. We allow our plans, pride, and ego to interfere with what He is trying to do. My friend’s words of “it’s not for you” put it all into perspective.

So I will deliver the same message to you: “It’s not for you. It’s not about you.” You are the vessel that God is using to get done what He needs done in this season. So often we let season after season pass due to fear. We are commanded numerous times in the Bible, “do not be afraid.” God already knew that fear would try to take the place of faith and thwart His plans for greatness – but we don’t have to let that be the case with us, in our lives. Live boldly and fearlessly. Act on the visions that God has placed in your heart. If you begin walking, God will reveal that He has been walking with you the whole time.

Many Blessings.

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4 thoughts on “4 Simple Words That Transformed My Life

  1. All I can say is confirmation from my conversation with God during my morning walk. I said you know “this isn’t about me”. If I could tell you the story I would, but in short just know this blog blessed me.

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