Get Over Yourself, Life is SO Much Bigger Than You


Travel usually fuels the fire inside of me and inspires me to write. My trip to Colorado was no different. I love the outdoors (when it’s not too hot), and I love nature. Colorado is full of natural beauty. We decided to take a hike on the Chautauqua Trail. We spoke with the gentleman at the Visitors’ Center, and asked him where the most beautiful sites were. He directed us to the Royal Arches. I asked about the difficulty level, and he advised me that some parts were quite strenuous. I hesitated, but figured it couldn’t be too bad. Boy was I wrong! Over the next 4 hours, I went through one of the most physically taxing experiences of my life. I wanted to turn back, I wanted to cry, I even reasoned that just lying down on the path wouldn’t be so bad. I could sleep – and getting eaten by a bear wouldn’t be the worst way to die.. right? LOL. (No seriously). But I pressed on, and as I pressed on the Lord spoke to me in a way only He can.

Much like the physical difficulty that I experienced on my hike, I am at a point in my life that has been mentally difficult. As I transition into running my own business, I’ve been filled with doubt, uncertainty and fear. I’ve wanted to give up and turn back. I’ve cried and I’ve pouted. I’ve wondered if I was capable of doing what I felt God was calling me to do. “Maybe I am hearing wrong? Maybe this is not God speaking.” As I walked up and down the mountains on the hike – reaching points where my legs wanted to give out, my ankles moved in whichever direction they saw fit, and my knees buckled – God assured me, “This is Me… And this is what I want you to know:”

  • What I’m asking you to do is going to be harder than you think. I always understood that starting up a business is hard. I never anticipated it would be easy, but man IT IS HARD!!! As I continued along the trail, uncertain of my ability to complete what I’d signed up for, God impress on me You will need to fight harder than you ever imagined to get to where I need you to go. But remember, He is fighting with you. HE will give you your strength.
  • You may get off course, but you will still get to your destination. We got lost. We unknowingly took the scenic route. It was filled with steep inclines, rocky paths, and was all out difficult, but it was also beautiful.  So often we don’t move because we are unsure of the right move. There is nowhere you can go where God can not find you and redirect you. As long as you are staying in prayer, you will get where you need to be. It may be the scenic route, but the scenic route gets you the best views.
  • Enjoy the process. So often we get so caught up in where we want to be that we miss out on where we are. Don’t. If I would have taken the right path, I would have missed out on so much. As tired as I was, I took time to enjoy the views along the way. As my knees threatened to give out and my ankles wobbled, I paused to admire the things that were around me. Don’t miss out on the beauty of the present in your rush to the future.
  • People will pass you up. We live under this false assumption that we are in a constant competition with others. We aren’t. Your journey is your own. As I walked along, dogs were flying by, children were flying by. So what? I thought about how often we are comparing ourselves to things and people who are not on our level. Of course a dog has no problem running around, they have four legs. Of course a young child can run the path, he is 4. If all I had to worry about was being 4 years old, I would be running too. Stop the comparisons.
  • God will place people along your path to help you. I thank God for the man who pointed us in the right direction as we wandered aimlessly along the wrong trail. I thank God for the man who convinced me to climb out to the edge to get the most magnificent views of the city. I mentioned in my previous blog, most of our fears are unwarranted, and often God places people in our lives to show us that. Be receptive to them.20160522_165215
  • Lastly, YOUR LIFE IS SO MUCH BIGGER THAN YOU. As I gazed up to the Royal Arches, I was awed at how massive they were. I attempted to take a picture, but I was SO tiny compared to the arches. That was God’s gentle reminder that it’s not about me. What God is asking me to do is not only about me, but about so much more. He has something bigger than my mind can conceive.

Too often we make it all about us. What do we get out of it? Why are we doing it? The “me” mentality limits God to what we can see and what we can achieve. When we let go, get out of our own way, and allow God to be God, we can see how big His plans really are. And yes, it will be hard, harder than you think. The path will be strenuous. I looked up strenuous in the dictionary. Strenuous is synonymous with difficult, hard, tough, demanding, exhausting, and tiring. So each time you feel that it is getting too difficult, too hard, too tough, too demanding, too exhausting, or too tiring, remember that it is going to be harder than you think, but God has got you. Be blessed!

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  1. This was awesome Karissa. I love it!! To know that we are not alone is all the more reason to keep pushing. Great blog sis

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