You are Exactly What God Needs.

I decided that I wanted to decorate my house. After almost 4 years,  it was time to spruce things up.  I scoured store after store, and decided on a simple gold table for one of the walls. I had a plaque that I planned to use, and purchased a globe. I needed to find something else to go on the table.

I then remembered all of the beautiful artwork from Africa that my dad has. He’d given me some in prior years, so just like any decent child, I decided to go ask for some more 😊. He agreed, and I went through box after box. He had some beautiful hand-carved wooden figures, some bright,  bold-colors pictures and some other magnificent pieces of art. I looked through them saying, “No, nope, not that one, too scary looking, too big, uh uh, too bright, where would I put that?”20160407_073926

After looking through box after box, I didn’t find anything. He remembered he had a few other things downstairs, so we went to look at those. As he was explaining to me the significance of all of the pieces, I glanced over at a thin, gold figurine. “What about this one?” I asked. “Oh, I got that one from a guy in the market. I don’t think it’s real,” he said. “Can I have it?” I requested. “If you want. Are you sure you don’t want these?” he inquired as he pointed to the similar wooden pieces next to it. “They come in a set, and they are real wood.” “No, those don’t go with anything,” I responded. I began to pick up my new find, and he informed me that it needed to be washed, “there’s malaria over there,” he said. Quickly putting it down, he told me I should be fine, if I just wash it off.


I washed it off, and took it home to put it on my new table. I loved it! It was perfect. It fit just right. Not too big or gaudy. Not too colorful. Exactly what I needed.


You too are chosen. You too are set aside for a unique purpose. You are exactly what God needs, and He needs you exactly as He has made you.

There may be a time where others do not see your value. They may have written you off as dirty and worthless. God tells us we are more valuable than rubies (Proverbs 31:10).

You are valuable.

There may be a time where you feel that you are lost in the crowd. Unnoticed, unseen, and looked over (Luke 19).

God sees you.

You may be going through a season where you don’t understand why things are the way they are. You may be confused about the next step (Jeremiah 29).

God has a plan for you.

You don’t have to be exceptionally bold. You don’t have to be everyone’s top pick. You don’t have to be expensive or stand out in a crowd. There is perfection and value, in the simple (yet oh so uniquely magnificent) qualities that make you, you.

I looked at the statue one morning, and for the first time I thought of the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4). She went to the well in search of water, but Jesus filled her up with the “water” of the Spirit so she would be forever refreshed.

Today God is calling out to you. He wants you to bring him all of the wonderful pieces of you that others have dismissed. He wants to fill you in ways that no one else can. He wants you to remember that His purpose for you will always prevail.

Don’t give up.

You are valuable,  God sees you, God has a plan for your life, and you are EXACTLY what God needs.

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