Building an Empire – with Author Demond Alverez

“I’m just trying to take over the world in my own way. It’s not even national anymore, you gotta be global.” – Demond Alverez


I had the privilege of sitting down with Author, Poet, Storyteller and Creative Genius Demond Alverez to discuss his latest book Soul of a Man – Poetry for the Body, Mind and Soul. Soul of a Man is a collection of over 50 poems made to nourish the soul. Mr. Alverez transparently shared his journey of turning his passion into purpose and profit, and the ups and downs of being a creative writer.

Demond, a New Orleans Native, came from a family of creativity. Both of his parents were singers who sang in the church, and his brother and sister were writers, so it was only natural that he had the creative gene. He began writing in the 7th grade, and his talent was instantly recognized by a teacher who noted that he had discovered a “hidden talent.” He has since gone on to write two books that showcase the vastness of his creative mind. The first book was a children’s book Adventures of Bunny Man: Easter Detective, and his latest book the Soul of a Man.

When asked what inspires him to write, Demond shared that he is simply striving for success, and wants to be someone that others can look up to.

“I want to leave a legacy. I want my family to have something to aspire to.”

He humbly credited his talent and abilities to a higher power and a lot of prayer. He went on to say that he really just wants to share his story with the world. He wants people to look at him as an example, not as of who to be, but an example of who to be better than. He stated, “I don’t want people to say,  ‘I want to be the next him,” I want them to be bigger and better.”

I asked him what the hardest part of writing was, and he feels that the hardest part is getting your message out and being heard. He boldly opted to become a self-published author with Soul of a Man and has poured countless hours into “building it, branding it, and letting it go.” He didn’t allow the difficulty of self-publishing to discourage him, but used it as motivation, stating, ‘If it was just one poem a day, I was determined to get it done.” He feels that being your own marketing and research team is trial and error. He reaches out to people to collaborate and see what the pulse of the city is.

“People ask me if I have kids. This book is like my child, seriously.”

What’s Next For Demond Alverez?

Demond is always looking for other venues and avenues for making money. He says his next book will be more inspirational, but he doesn’t limit himself. “I want to be known as somebody with a creative mind. There is no box.”

When asked for his advice to someone thinking about following their passion he said:

  • Write down your thoughts
  • Visualize
  • Get Focused
  • Pray
  • Have actions behind your prayers

He stated that there are no bad ideas, and one should never try to stifle their creativity no matter what.

“I was just a dude who wanted to write and share his talent with the world.”

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