The Benefits of Having a Vision Board Party

“And the LORD answered me: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.”

Habukkuk 2:2


Most of us have heard that there are benefits to writing down what we want to accomplish. Something about the visualization of our goals and desires makes it so much more real. While it’s perfectly fine to do this on your own, I recently attended a vision board party, and it was an experience to remember. Something about the gathering of good people to create a vision for the year is intoxicating.


Here are some of the benefits:

  1. You see that you are not alone. It’s very easy in this busy world to feel that you are alone. To feel that you are the only one in the world that is longing for something, or striving for something, or praying for something that has yet to manifest itself. Listening to others share their life plans and goals reminds you that there are others that are waiting just like you are. There are others that are working towards the same things.
  2. You see that the things that you want are achievable. Looking  for a new job? There are people that recently started new careers. Believing for a family? There are people that have started and are living in happy families. In solitude, it can seem like good things don’t happen, or that good things won’t happen for you. Gathering with others allows you to see that GREAT things do happen, but sometimes you just have to wait.
  3. It makes you appreciate what you have. You have things that people are praying for. A job, a home, a car, a spouse, a child, your health, peace of mind. BLESSINGS. Blessings that people would trade everything to have. It’s easy to begin to take things for granted. In my Myths About Adulting blog, I mentioned some of these things as non-essentials for life. Others do not agree. Others see these things as necessary to have a fulfilling life, and that is humbling.
  4. It allows you prioritize things. As you begin sifting through magazines and photos, you accumulate a huge pile of things that you want to put on your board. When it comes down to actually putting it all on there, you quickly realize I do not have enough space for all of this stuff. You begin to see that everything can’t go on your board. You have to throw out things that don’t fit. Things that are meaningful to you, but aren’t priority. Oh what a wonderful life lesson. How often is our life cluttered with things that are meaningful but aren’t priorities. How much clearer would our mind be if we let go of the things that aren’t important and focused on things that matter most?

It’s still early in the year. For 2016, I encourage you to get a couple of people together to have a vision board party. I know some of you may not have a solid group of friends that you can call together, and that’s OK. Get some co-workers, some classmates, or some associates. You may make some lasting friendships in the process.


What are you believing God for in 2016?

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