I Didn’t Put Up My Christmas Tree – 4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Blindly Following the Crowd

New Years Day. The day the Christmas decorations come down, and we return to business as usual, armed with hefty resolutions and great expectations for the year…. But this year, I didn’t have anything to take down.

It was December 16 when I finally came to the conclusion: I’m not putting up my Christmas Tree this year. I’d had the discussion with a friend the week  before, and told her that I hadn’t put it up yet. I simply didn’t feel like being hassled with it. She suggested that I have my 13 year old son put it up. Novel idea! I presented it to him, and he politely declined. He didn’t care if the tree was up or not. I said to myself that I would worry about it later, but here it was, 9 days before Christmas, and I hadn’t gotten around to it.

As I began to ponder the purpose for putting up a tree for 9 days, I began to think: Why do I want the tree up in the first place? I really never saw the necessity for a tree, but it’s customary to put one up. I mean, my goodness, I have a son I should be building traditions with, right?….? Hmm… I wonder how many things we do simply because we feel we are supposed to. We are constantly faced with “Christmas Tree” situations in life. Things we feel we should do, but don’t necessarily want to. Here are some questions to consider when making decisions, to determine if it is a choice that you truly want to make or if you simply feel obligated to do so out of tradition or expectation.

  1. Do I want to do this?
  2. Why am I doing this?
  3. Who will be affected if I do this?
  4. Who will be affected if I don’t do this?

These seem like simple and obvious questions, but we must truly delve into them. You may uncover some answers that you never realized. There are so many things that we think we want to do, but if we truly searched our heart, we see that we have been programmed to believe that we  want to, but really we don’t.

I feel that a lot of our life problems could be solved, making our decisions much easier, if we got to the root of our “whys.” What drives you? What is your true purpose for making the decisions you make? Do we feel that we should? Do we want to impress others or fit in? What is the real reason for our behavior?

Just as important as the “whys” are the “whos.” Many a bad decision has been made by focusing on the wrong who. Who will be affected by our decisions? And DO THOSE PEOPLE MATTER? Someone else may feel that I am a horrible parent for not putting up my tree, but guess who doesn’t matter in my grand scheme of things? We’ve got to focus on who and what matters and release ourselves from the obligation of pleasing those who don’t.

While we are in New Year’s Resolution Mode, how about making the resolution to do what works for us in our life. Let us not blindly follow the traditions of the crowd. And remember, there are many ways to enjoy the benefits of the masses without mimicking them. 🙂

Enjoying Christmas time in Vegas



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