The Forgotten Sister

My sister made a wonderful blog yesterday about Everyday Superheroes. In it, she quoted Bette Milder’s Wind Beneath My Wings.

“It must have been cold there in my shadow, to never have sunlight on your face.  You’ve been content to let me shine.  You always walked a step behind.  I was the one with all the glory, while you were the one with all the strength – a beautiful face without a name.  I never once heard you complain.  Did you ever know that you’re my hero?  You’ve everything I would like to be.  I can fly higher than an eagle.  You are the wind beneath my wings.”

Interesting song that filled me with the memories of being the child in the background. The one that went unnoticed… forgotten. I had an older sister who was a super star track athlete. A world class hurdler. And me? I was just “Brittany’s sister.” Then came my baby sister. A track star and volleyball player. I became “Briana’s sister.” People would recognize my last name, and say, “Oh, you must be the track star!” No…? “Well then you must be the volleyball player!” No…? “Well, which one are you?”

The pain of being unmentioned… not talked about…. insignificant stung to the core. No one seemed to notice any of my accomplishments, or even acknowledged my existence. I searched for significance in many ways.

The quick trip down memory lane via my sister’s blog, brought me to Proverbs 7:4, where I found that to be a sister is not an insult or an oversight, but a proud badge of honor. This verse calls wisdom a sister. Oh how beautiful it is to be wisdom.

Proverbs 3:13-18 outlines the blessings of Wisdom.. The blessings of a sister:

  • She is more profitable than silver and yields better returns than gold
  • She more precious than rubies
  • Nothing you desire can compare to her
  • Long life is in her right hand
  • Her ways are always pleasant
  • All her paths are peace
  • She is a tree of life to those who take hold of her
  • Those who hold her will be blessed

To my forgotten sisters, know that you are precious, you are valuable, nothing can compare to you. You are a blessing to those around you, and the blessings of God are upon your life.

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