The Lone Philly Wanderer

After a long morning of exploring the city with my son, he was exhausted and wanted to rest at the room. Me, being the explorer that I am, was not quite ready to turn it in. I cringed as minute after minute of time was wasted sitting in the hotel room, when there was so much city left to explore (I was also hungry!)

As my mind argued with my stomach, which argued with my ankles (which were screaming for a break, after I insisted on being cute and wearing sandals to walk for miles), the day was wasting away. After much internal debate, my desire to explore won the battle. I’d brought a pair of tennis shoes with me, but I was only planning to wear them to and from the airport, so I didn’t really have an outfit to wear with them. I threw something together and prayed that no one mistook me for a homeless person.

My plan was to go grab a bite to eat at Luke’s Lobster, but as I was strolling along, the wanderer in me was unleashed. I stepped into H&M to grab a tank top – as my ego had me feeling quite self conscious. Then I realized, NOBODY KNOWS ME HERE (that, and I’m pretty broke at the moment), so I exited as quickly as I’d walked in.


I decided to go over to Rittenhouse Square. When I made it over to the park, there were quite a few people in there. I looked around a bit. I saw a couple in the park having a picnic. For a moment I begin to feel sad and sorry for myself. I began to wonder if my time for love would ever come

I left the park and started to head back towards Luke’s. Luke’s was off to the right, but something in my spirit would not let me go right and I turned to the left. As I began walking I began to truly embrace the beauty of being alone. The freedom to go wherever I want. The freedom to make a plan, deviate from the plan, or even cancel the plan to make another one.
I’m so amazed at the beauty and size of the buildings here. Everything is just so massive! Even the Staples I passed by looked like a museum. I strolled around for a little while then finally turned back to head to Luke’s.


When I arrived, I was very pleased to see that Luke’s was not a fancy, or even semi fancy, restaurant. It was one of those restaurants where you order the food from the counter, and they call your name when it is ready.


I ordered the Taste of Maine. It consisted of a lobster roll, a crab roll, a shrimp roll, two Jonas crab claws, a pickle, chips, and juice. I got some blueberry soda that was divine. The food is actually really tasty. I was a bit surprised that the seafood is served on the bun cold, but nevertheless it was very good. It seems like a lot of the restaurants in Philly are BYOB, and Luke’s was no exception.

I chose to eat at a table that was facing the street. As I was eating, I noticed woman after woman after woman passing by…. alone. I started to think about how preoccupied we can get with ourselves. So preoccupied, that we don’t even realize that we are not the only ones living life alone. The media and society bombards us with images of couples and relationships and marriages, but the truth of the matter is, many of us are alone. So many of us go through our lives, day in and day out, without a romantic partner. And this is ok. I finished my meal and headed out of Luke’s with a newfound, refound, sense of liberation.

I passed by a huge building, that I STILL have no idea what it is. Watched some kids playing in the water, bought some souvenirs (LOVE of course), then headed back to the hotel.



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