A Taste of Huatulco

The best part of any vacation is definitely the food! Huatulco didn’t disappoint. I had some amazing dishes, as well as some that I probably wouldn’t try again.

La Isla Beach Club

We stopped in at Hotel La Isla Huatulco Beach Club. They charged an entry fee of 200 pesos (about 13-14 USD). The entry PicsArt_1439476088652fee goes towards any food or drink purchases. I ordered a virgin mango daquiri and Tostados de Pescado (Fish Tacos), and they were both DEVINE. At first, the fishy tasty of the fish hit me, but the flavors could not be beat. They had a spicy kick to them! The views weren’t too bad either. Eating right on the ocean always seems to make the food taste a little better!

Cielito Lindo

IMG_20150806_194054Cielito Lindo was an unscheduled stop, and was a recommendation of our cab driver. It turned out to be an excellent recommendation. Quick note: VERY few people speak English here. I felt truly blessed to find a cab driver that speaks fluent English, and it just so happened the ONE other patron in Cielito Lindo happened to be a guy from California named Luke. Luke translated for us. Anyhoo, I was a bit nervous ordering from a restaurant with only one person in there eating. It turns out people do not eat out much in Huatulco, especially not for Mexican food. I ordered the Pina Rellena de IMG_20150806_194111Mariscos, which is a pineapple stuffed with seafood. It was a pleasant site on the eyes and a joy to my tummy. My friend had the Lobster Diablo, and it was very good as well. The restaurant was a very “Mexican,” open air restaurant.  I loved it! We told Luke we were trying to get the true Oaxacan experience, and he asked the staff to turn on some Oaxacan music for us!

Charly’s Place

20150807_121958On our 7 bays tour, we stopped for lunch at beach front restaurant Charly’s Place in San Agustin (read more here). I started off with a virgin Pina Colada which was very good.  I had the chipotle fish to eat. It wasn’t the greatest, as the fish was a bit chewy, but it was edible. My appetite was a bit ruined  by a dog pooping on the beach.

El Sabor de Oaxaca

My favorite of the trip was our meal at El Sabor de Oaxaca, a restaurant that boasts about IMG_20150807_195128having Oaxacan cuisine. It was another open air restaurant, but had plenty of fans, so it was nice and cool. Wanting to try a bit of everything, we ordered the Plato Oaxaqueno, which is a sampler platter for 2, (but there was enough food for 4 people). It consisted of Quesilo (Oaxacan cheese), Cecina (chile pork meat), Tasajo (Oaxacan style steak filet), Chorizo (sausage), Pelliscados (small tortillas), Frioles (beans), Guacamole (avocado sauce, for those  who don’t know), mole negro (black mole), Chile relleno (stuffed chile), and tamal oaxaqueno (Oaxacan tamale). I absolutely LOVED the pork!!! The mole tasted like IMG_20150807_202741molasses to me, but was delicious when combined with the other ingredients. The guac was divine! The cheese had a very mild flavor, which was good – I also liked the string cheese texture. I like pretty much everything except for the chorizo.. I ordered some watermelon water, which was oh-so-tasty! I saved room for dessert (kinda… I was full, but I still wanted to try it), and had some Manzana Helados (apple ice cream.) The ice cream was served in apple skin, and was TO DIE FOR. SO flavorful. I was full, and I finished off all of it! Our whole meal was only $680 pesos (about $45 USD).

Hagia Sofia

We had two lovely meals – breakfast and dinner – on our tour of Hagia Sofia. Breakfast consisted of organic fruits, such as mangostan, rambutan, concuat,

Lunch consisting of fish, rice, beans, fresh tortillas and orange limon
Lunch consisting of fish, rice, beans, fresh tortillas and orange limon

grapefruit, starfish, and different flavors or bananas. We also had freshly made cheese quesadillas with onion and peppers. I’m not a big coffee lover, but the coffee they served was so good! It only needed a drop of honey. For lunch, we had fish, beans, rice and fresh tortillas. With lunch, we had what looked like an orange, but was actually a limon (or lime as we say in America). If you have never had food cooked over a wood-fire stove, you are missing out on life! It gave it a great flavor.

Tlayundas Arely

My meal at Tlayudas Arely had to be my least favorite. This was one of the 20150808_211002restaurants where no one spoke English, so ordering was really difficult. I went with a strawberry banana smoothie (I first ordered the banana, then I changed it to strawberry, but he thought I saying I wanted both). The smoothie was actually quite good! I ordered the Enmoladas con cecina. This turned out to be mole enchilladas with some meat on top. The meat on top was very good, but there was WAY too much mole sauce. I couldn’t taste anything except for the mole. I picked the meat off the top, and left the rest. One thing I enjoyed about this place, is the chef cooks right in the front of the restaurant on a stove using regular pots and pans that you would use at home. Quite interesting!

Terra Cotta20150809_081451

Our last stop was for breakfast at Terra Cotta. This was a very nice cafe-style restaurant inside a hotel. It gave me a more American feel than anywhere else we ate. I ordered some papaya juice and the Huevos Divorciados – two fried eggs, one with red sauce, one with green sauce, seperated by refried beans. OMG, it was so good! The green sauce was a bit bitter, but still tasty! Another great thing about this place? Our meal for 2 was only $181 pesos (about $12)!!!

Overall, I found the cuisine to be quite delicious! There are quite a few breakfast spots that I wanted to try out. I’ll have to catch them next time!

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