7 Things I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me About Philly

Philadelphia was a GREAT place. I pride myself on researching thoroughly before I go ANYWHERE. However, there were a few things I wish I’d known prior to going to Philly. Hope these help you!

  1. BRING CASH. LOTS OF CASH. So many places here only take cash. Store, restaurants, food stands. Cash only.
  2. Prepare for Beggars. Philly has an INSANE amount of homeless people wandering around at any given moment. I never felt threatened, but they are everywhere, and they WILL ask you to donate to their cause.
  3. Bring walking shoes (and wear them!). We stayed at a hotel in City Center, and most things were within a mile from the hotel. However, those .4-.5mile walks add up quickly! If you are exploring Philly on foot (and you are easily distracted, like myself), be prepared to walk a good 5 miles a day. I did this in sandals, and my feet were not pleased.
  4. Sunscreen: It is HOT during the summer in Philly. VERY HOT. Surprisingly hot. I’m from Texas, and Philly is giving us a run for our money. I expected that since it is further north, it wouldn’t be as hot, but I was terribly, TERRIBLY mistaken.
  5. Food Delivery! There are TONS of Philly restaurants that deliver for free or a nominal fee. Pizza, Italian, Subway, Asian food, anything your heart desires can be delivered right to your hotel, even in the middle of the night!
  6. BYOB: Many Philadelphia restaurants are Bring Your Own Bottle. I’m not a drinker, but if I was, this is GREAT news. You don’t have to worry about the overpriced, watered down drinks. Just bring your own.
  7. Phlash Bus: After days of wandering Philly on foot, we decided to take advantage of this Philly gem. If you are staying in the touristy area of Philly – From the Museum of Art to Penn’s Landing, this bus has 20+ stops along the way. $5 and you can hop on and off all day. A welcome change from the 5 mile walks

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