What I Learned from My First Solo Trip – Las Vegas

I will begin by saying that my first solo trip was NOT intended to be a solo trip. I was super excited to go to Vegas for the first time. It was my 30th birthday celebration. I was packed and ready to go! The person I was dating at the time informed me just two hours before we were supposed to leave that he would be unable to go. He gave some lame excuse about how he wasn’t able to get off work (really? OK). I was devastated, but eerily calm. The trip was already paid for. I was already checked in for my flight. The next thing I did shocked EVERYONE around me: I went to the airport. Got on the plane. Went to Vegas….. all by myself.


As I was sitting in the airport waiting to board, my head was swirling… “OMG, what am I going to do out there? I don’t know anybody. WHO IS GOING TO TAKE MY PICTURES?!” I really didn’t have much planned, but I was determined to enjoy my trip. I arrived in Vegas around 11pm. I was surprised to see that there are slot machines in the airport. Figuring that today was not my lucky day, I proceeded to bypass the slots, grab my bags, snag a stranger to take the obligatory “Welcome to Las Vegas” photo, and head to the shuttle. I rested up that evening, got up the next morning/afternoon and treated myself to some sushi. My fortune cookie set the tone for the rest of the trip: “Your present plans will be successful.” The next few days in Vegas played out like an extended speed date on steroids.


I had a fabulous time! Exploring the hotels on the strip was fascinating. I never would have imagined their sheer massiveness. You always hear that the hotels are really big, but big is the understatement of the year! It was so hard to choose a favorite, but if I had to, I would say that I enjoyed the Venetian most. The gondolas gave me a romantic feel, even though I didn’t get on them.


I met some great people and saw some pretty good shows. Defending the Caveman was really funny. Recycled Percussion put on a SPECTACULAR show! I snuck into the pool at Ceasars for some pics, had daquiris by the pool at MGM, laughed at the Laugh Factory, kinda learned how to bet on sports, had some awesome conversations about life…. But the most valuable part of the trip was the liberating feeling of daring to be alone. I’d always been one to wait until I had someone to go with me to take a trip, or see a movie, or try out a restaurant. I learned that I am capable – capable of being alone, capable of meeting new people, capable of enjoying life despite negative circumstances.

Being stood up opened the door to a new world… and I love it!

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  1. I’m actually going alone next month alone and been a bit freaked out but reading your post eased my mind alot thank you

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