What are YOUR Favorite U.S. Cities?

The U.S. is such an interesting place. Each state (and each city, for that matter) is so different and diverse. My goal is to see every state at some point. So far I haven’t even touched half!!… and I consider myself a traveler? LOL I actually have some states that I want to revisit before I visit some other ones. Where to start…. What are some of your favorite U.S. destinations?


3 thoughts on “What are YOUR Favorite U.S. Cities?

  1. CALIFORNIA<3 my one true love-places like Laguna Beach or Griffith Observatory in LA, but Colorado is very pretty as well as the everglades in Florida!

    1. Awesome places!

      The only place I’ve been in California is LA, and I LOVED it! I hope to take a road trip along the coast one day!

      Colorado is on my to-do list too.

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