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Expedia Travel Tip

Package deals are the big craze these days. Sometimes I find the package plans to be the best deal, but other times, I find that it is cheaper to book separately. For my last couple of trips, I have booked my flight separately through Expedia. To my surprise, I found that if you book a flight through them, they give you a discount on hotels for 10 days afterwards. These discounts seem to equal out to the savings you would get from booking a package deal.

This can be helpful for several reason:

  • You need more time to pay. This buys you as few as 10 extra days, to as many as the day of check-in. Many hotels have a “Pay at Hotel” option that is not available when booking a package deal.
  • You have more time to make up your mind. If you are like me, I like to research and read every single hotel review ever written. When you find a great deal on a flight, you don’t always have the luxury of time to pick out the perfect place to lay your head.
  • You can typically cancel. Cancellation policies are different on hotels than flights. It is much easier to cancel your hotel should you change your mind if it is not attached to a package deal. *check the policy before booking

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