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About Us

What is She Flies Solo?

She Flies Solo is a Solo Travel  Network for Professional Women  who dance to the beat of their own drum. Women who are tired of trying to fit into a box,  and want to live their best lives, regardless of how it looks to anyone else.

  1. Travel the World Alone
  2. Start That Business
  3. Enjoy Life on Your Own Terms!

STOP waiting on everyone to get on board with what you want to do. Live YOUR best life today!

What Do We Do?

Through the blog, workshops, and luxury travel events, She Flies Solo is revolutionizing solo travel for the savvy woman  on  the go! Gone are the days of “living the American Dream.”  At She Flies Solo, we challenge women to create the life of their own dreams.  

Our travel workshops and events help women travel better and smarter. We offer personal training as well as group sessions. Events include, but aren’t limited to: Luxury Travel on a Dime Workshops, Solo Trip Planning, Travel Vision Board Parties, Solo Travel Summits, and more.

In addition to travel  events, we offer business-building services for new and aspiring entrepreneurs who are ready to hit the ground running, but need help refining their plan.

Are you ready to live your best life??

Join Us!

There are two ways to connect with us! Our Exclusive Membership-Based Group “The Society,” and our Meetup Group. She Flies Solo is a diverse and inclusive organization. We believe that true travel transcends racial barriers.

Karissa Littlejohn is the SHE behind She Flies Solo. Single Mother, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Philanthropist, Karissa embraces her unconventional lifestyle, and encourages others to do the same. In addition to She Flies Solo,  Karissa runs the non-profit organization WHYS Girls, where she works with the next generation of travelers.

“Life is best experienced through travel.”

Karissa Littlejohn

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